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We are with you with all the possibilities of our land, aerial and maritime transportation network.

Our company was founded in 2015 as a small private company in home-office format, but with big dreams and goals by Serkan Çinar.

Our business, which was initially to meet the demands of delivering samples and small shipments to the buyer, has grown rapidly with the suggestions and demands, trust and support of our Valued Customers, and has brought us to cargo transportation, larger office and storage areas and today to the buyer with our own vehicles in a fast, regular and safe delivery manner

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We provide quality service with our expert staff and organized logistics network.

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HS Code Customs Tariff Statistics Position

GTIP (HS Code) is the abbreviation of Customs Tariff Statistics Position. In Turkey the name is given to the 12 step Code in the GTIP Customs Tariff Chart.

The first four numbers are the position number of the goods.

The fist six numbers are the Harmonized system Nomanclature code used by all member countries of the

World Customs Organization.

The seventh and eighth numbers are the combined Nomenclature code used by the European Union


The Nineth and Tenth numbers are the codes that show the opened positions due to different tax practices.

The eleventh and twelveth numbers constitute the Customs Tariff Statistics (GTIP) codes.

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